Welcome to the Immigration Services Center, the most efficient Visa Service Provider for all visitors to Sri Lanka.  

Visitors can now apply for all types of Sri Lankan visas and visa extensions directly at our Immigration Services Centre, located in the heart of Colombo city.  Applying for Sri Lankan visas at our Centre is more convenient and saves valuable time as we, on the applicant’s behalf, forward the visa applications to the Department of Immigration in a lawful, fast and secure manner. Please contact our Immigration Services Centre for more information. Services offered by us is payable by the applicant.

Immigration Services Center is also dedicated to assist all foreign travelers visiting Sri Lanka with free dissemination of up-to-date information about Sri Lanka visas and guidelines for visa applicants. If you wish to know about Sri Lanka visa, how to apply or have question, please contact our helpdesk. 

Applying for visas to any country is complex and is sometimes a cumbersome process. It is always advisable to have someone to assist you, specially when you are in a foreign country. We are fully geared to assist you with professionally trained staff, high quality, reliable and fast service. We firmly believe the availability of accurate Sri Lanka visa information and visa assistance to foreign tourists, businessmen, investors, workers, students and others not only provide visitors trouble free entry and stay in the country but enable to fully focus on the purpose of their visit while leaving aside paperwork to a specialist. 

Our aim is to create a pleasant immigration experience for all visitors to Sri Lanka so they will have a satisfying and fulfilling visit. By doing so, we facilitate the promotion of tourism, trade and foreign investment to the country and stand alongside in the realization of Government’s journey towards making Sri Lanka the emerging “Wonder of Asia”.